Friday, December 9, 2016

Pfiser Fined $100 millionn for Overcharging in the U. K. But Don't Worry

Company Says They Will Make It Up By Charging Higher Prices in the U. S.

News That Didn't Happen - But Probably Will

Unlike the U. S., the rest of the world limits the monopoly power of drug companies to charge outrageous prices for drugs.  So here's what happened in the United Kingdom.

LONDON—U.S. politicians are publicly bashing drug companies over high prices.
In Britain, regulators took the unusual step Wednesday of doling out a big fine against one of the world’s largest.
The U.K.’s top antitrust regulator slapped Pfizer Inc. with a record $107 million fine, alleging it overcharged the national health-care system for an epilepsy treatment.

Now $107 million sounds like a lot of money, but not to a drug company.  And besides, there's always the easy way for Pfiser to get that money back, just raise prices in the U. S. and let the sick, the weak, the insurance companies, the rest of us pay for it. 

A Potential Health Care Time Bomb Republicans Are Lighting

As Reported by the Incidental Economist - Maybe he Best Health Care Economics Blog on the Block

No one knows what will happen when Repubicans repeal ACA, especially Republicans.  But here is some educated speculation as reported by the Incidental Economist.

Image result for images of bomb

Urban just modeled the bleak consequences of repealing through the reconciliation bill:
The number of uninsured people would rise from 28.9 million to 58.7 million in 2019, an increase of 29.8 million people (103 percent). The share of nonelderly people without insurance would increase from 11 percent to 21 percent, a higher rate of uninsurance than before the ACA because of the disruption to the nongroup insurance market.
Of the 29.8 million newly uninsured, 22.5 million people become uninsured as a result of eliminating the premium tax credits, the Medicaid expansion, and the individual mandate. The additional 7.3 million people become uninsured because of the near collapse of the nongroup insurance market.

Big deal for Republicans?  No, not really, they don't care.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Progressive Non-Trump Voters Ready “I told you so” Tour of White Working Class America

News That Hasn’t Happened But Should

Brooklyn, NY (UPS)  December 8, 2016.  A group of voters who did not vote for Donald Trump, of which there were more than 2.5 million compared to those who did vote for the Trumpet are organizing a tour of those white dominated counties that are economically depressed and voted for the Pussy Grabber.  The theme of the tour, ‘We told you so’.

The tour will feature speakers who will tell the Trump enablers what they don’t want to hear, that Trump is forgetting as fast as possible about them and that they are going to continue to fester in bad economic conditions until they start to vote for what is in their economic interest.   Among the topics announced are these.

  1. No Carrier did not save 1100 jobs, they were bought off to save 800 jobs and are still firing a lot more than that.
  2. Think you are getting a raise because of new labor regulations, not going to happen.  An anti minimum wage, anti Fair Labor Standards Act CEO of a fast food chain that pays its workers less than a living wage is the new Secretary of Labor.
  3. Think coal jobs are coming back; ain't gonna happen.
  4. Think manufacturing jobs in steel, textiles, furniture and the like are coming back?  Nope.
  5. That better and cheaper health care you think you are getting, no sorry, you will be at the mercy of insurance companies who can charge what they want. 
  6. That cheap health care policy you were promised, its coming but with a deductible you can’t afford to pay.
  7. Have a foreign sounding name, get ready for the deportation police to put you in a for profit prison for a couple of years until the courts can get around to hearing that yes, you were born in the US of A.
  8. Want to visit the wall Mexico is paying for? Uh wait, you are paying for it and it’s not a wall, it’s a fence, well not a fence, just a few signs, well not a few signs, just an ad in the paper.

Tour organizers said they had been told, however, that the media would not cover the events because they were afraid the conservatives would say hurtful things about them.

Think Right Wing Gun Nuts Are Harmless Kooks?

Sandy Hook Parent Threatened by Crazy NRA Types

They Don't Care if Someone Lost a Child in a Preventable Massacre at a Grade School

People who support unlimited gun rights like to say they are on the side of safety and sanity.  They are not.  They are on the side of reckless behaviour and insanity.  Consider the case where a grieving parent of a child killed at the Sandy Hook mass shooting had to face intolerable fear and cruelty from the crackpots who want unlimited guns at any price.

You’re gonna die’: Woman indicted in threats to father of Sandy Hook victim

A woman in Florida was charged with making death threats to the father of a boy who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre — threats she made because she believed the attack was staged. 

Earlier this year, the boy’s father, Lenny Pozner, objected to a professor who has repeatedly argued that the massacre was an elaborate hoax, and the professor was fired. Afterward, Pozner started receiving death threats on his phone.
He was with his daughters when he checked his voicemail, but he quickly shut it off, alarmed.
“You’re gonna die you [expletives and slurs deleted],” he heard.  “… And what are you going to do about it?
“You can do absolutely nothing. … this is coming to you real soon [expletive deleted]. You going to die,” and “You [expletive deleted] look behind you, justice is coming to you real soon.”

Yep, these are the people the gun lobby is fighting for.  As for the rest of us we are fighting for the rights and decency and compassion for the parents of this child.  As for the person making the threats, Lucy Richards, anybody believe she will get a long prison sentence?  Anybody?  Didn't think so.  After all she was just exercising her God given 2nd amendment rights to inflict horrible pain on another suffering family.  

Noah Pozner (Photo courtesy of Lenny Pozner at
Noah Pozner - Killed Because the Gun Lobby is the Gun Lobby

Man Shoots Up Washington Restaurant to Save Kids From Hilary's Porn/Slavery Ring

But to Right Wingers, It's Okay

The most bizarre story recently is not just that the right wingnuts have accused Hilary and company of running a child pornography and kidnapping scheme out of a suburban D. C. pizza parlor, but that anyone could take this seriously.  But in Rightwing mania that can happen.

And of course the conservatives in the  home town area where the gunman was from were not concerned about the possible tragedy, but about reflection on their town.

Salisbury NC - Where of Course People Believe Hillary Sponsors Child Porn/Sex Ring

“It could have been anybody from any state. It’s disappointing that it was a doofus from here,” Holtzman said of Welch. “Now the whole country is going to think North Carolina is a whole bunch of gun-toting hicks.”

Well, yes, outside of the metro areas that's about right.  But see it's okay, it's all about the children.

Susanna Hollingsworth, a 49-year-old painter who works at the store, suggested the news could be worse.
“He was deranged, but at least he was thinking about the kids,” she said with a grimace and a shrug.

Welcome to Donald Trump's America.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

AG to be Jeff Sessions Apparently Did Nothing for Civil Rights

But His Claim To Doesn't Matter - Lies Don't Matter Anymore

The nominee for Attorney General, the wanna be Grand Dragon Senator Jeff Sessions has tried to refute accusations of racism on his part by claiming a big role in fighting for civil rights and de-segreation when he was a U. S. Attorney in Alabama. Of course, that claim rings hollow by itself since Sessions was rejected by a Republican Senate for a judgeship because he was a racist.

Now the Atlantic has investigated the claim that despite the demonstrated racism of Mr. Sessions he was a civil rights fighter.  Guess what.  He wasn't.

Senator Sessions - Without the White Sheets

Sessions himself claims to have been a champion of desegregation. “I filed 20 or 30 civil-rights cases to desegregate schools and political organizations and county commissions when I was a United States attorney,” Sessions told National Reviewin 2009. . . .

The Atlantic could not find evidence Sessions filed any new school desegregation lawsuits. Searches of the legal databases Westlaw and PACER found no evidence that any new school-desegregation lawsuits were filed in Alabama’s Southern District by Sessions between 1981, when Sessions became U.S. attorney in Alabama, and 1995, when he became Alabama attorney general, though it is possible that the records exist but are not in those databases. The Atlantic could find no reference to the claim in the transcripts of his 1986 confirmation hearing.

Now in the world before Trump lies mattered, at least they mattered if you were caught in them.  No more, Trumpworld makes up its own rules, no truth allowed if it contradicts the Trump's fantasy universe.

Koch Not Only Wants to Destroy What Makes America Great

He Wants to Make a Profit Doing It

The Koch Brothers, you know, the ones that put on those rosy commercials extolling the virtues of Koch Industries are using their billions to make America terrible.  They want to end environmental regulations and allow their firms to pollute with no restraints.  They want to control state legislatures so that things like public education, help for low income and minorities and basic services are all either eliminated or privatized.  They want an America controlled by the wealthy.

And now Charles Koch wants to expand, and make a buck doing it.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch - Playing Scrooge at a Government Near You

WASHINGTON — Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch is launching a new, for-profit communications agency to push his free-market agenda as his political empire gears up to shape policy in a Republican-controlled Washington and wage battles in state legislatures next month on issues from collective bargaining to occupational licensing.

Yep, the Koch Brothers, not only making hundeds of millions themselves, but using some that to keep anyone else from having a decent life.  And like a true man of wealth, a great opportunity to fire people.

David said Wednesday that 81 positions, out of 1,700 across the network, will be eliminated as a result of the consolidation.

And no workers, don't expect that call from the Trumper to save your jobs.

What to Do About the Brilliant and Foolish NYT Writer Thomas Friedman

Blind Optimism Makes Him a Crazy Person

There may be no other person as perceptive about world economic and social trends as Thomas Friedman who writes opinion columns for the Times.  But Friedman is an optimistic idiot.  His support of the Iraq war, in  which he repeatedly year after year wrote that 'the next six months are critical' spawned a term known as a Friedman.  The term stands for the idea that things are bad, have been bad but will get better in six months.  The six months is a rolling six months.

Now Friedman is writing positively on Al Gore's visit with Trump.

"I don’t expect Trump to abandon his effort to increase oil drilling or to ban coal. But I laud Gore for trying to work with him on this issue, because if Trump was to embrace the science of climate change, it would be game over for the fossilized climate deniers who remain in his own party. (Many Republican lawmakers would be relieved.) It’s also probably his single best peacetime possibility to unite Americans.
A fantasy? Maybe. But it is worth remembering how the last G.O.P. administration evolved. Texas oilman George W. Bush went from shocking the world by announcing a U.S. withdrawal from the Kyoto climate treaty to embracing “wind and solar” and calling for Americans “to address the serious challenge of climate change” in his 2007 State of the Union address."

Really, we mean really! How can this highly intelligent man keep getting fooled, keep getting played, keeping looking clueless?

Bob Dole - Once a Decent Man - Influence Peddler

Explaining How Dole Supported Trump

During the campaign one of the many mysteries was why former Senator and Presidential hopeful Bob Dole supported Donald Trump.  Now we know, he supported him for $140,00.

"Mr. Dole, a lobbyist with the Washington law firm Alston & Bird, coordinated with Mr. Trump’s campaign and the transition team to set up a series of meetings between Mr. Trump’s advisers and officials in Taiwan, according to disclosure documents filed last week with the Justice Department. Mr. Dole also assisted in successful efforts by Taiwan to include language favorable to it in the Republican Party platform, according to the documents.
Mr. Dole’s firm received $140,000 from May to October for the work, the forms said."

Undermining American foreign policy, sad, just plain sad.

Hospital Groups Warn of Catastrophic Losses on Repeal of ACA

What Are the Republicans Thinking?

When the ACA was passed it represented a bargain with hospitals.  Hospitals would get lower reimbursement rates, but more than make up the difference because previously uninsured patients who were essentially treated for free would now have insurance.  The hospital industry's bad debt expense would plummet.

So facing repeal of ACA here is what is happening.

 "The nation’s hospital industry warned President-elect Trump and                               congressional leaders on Tuesday that repealing the Affordable Care Act                  could cost hospitals $165 billion by the middle of the next decade and                      trigger “an unprecedented public health crisis.”

But since there is humor in everything, there is also this.

  "Since Trump’s election last month, most health-industry sectors have                        quietly been trying to glean — and influence — the thinking within                              Congress’s GOP majority and the president-elect’s transition team."

THINKING?  What would possibly give anyone the idea that thinking is involved here.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Making Money From Foreclosing on People's Homes - For Blackstone It's The American Way

So What if Hundreds of Thousands Are Homeless - Greedy Fund Managers Making Money is What is Important.

When the financial crisis hit millions lost their homes to foreclosure.  And Blackstone found a way to exploit the misery, which of course if what peole like Blackstone, a Wall Street vulture did.

"Blackstone and others investors believed that the housing collapse presented a rare opportunity to acquire homes for less than it cost to build them. Millions of foreclosures created a market large enough to justify investing in large systems to manage and maintain sprawling portfolios of rental homes."

As for the people who lost their homes, well too bad.  They should have become wall street greed masters.

NC Gov. McCrory Wins Coveted Dual Title, Biggest Loser, Sorest Loser

Congrats Pat, You Are the Biggest Smuck of 2016

It was all going to be so simple.  Republicans in North Carolina would pass a law denying transgender rights, the Gov would sign it in the middle of the night before opposition got organized and the GOP would bash the Dems for letting men in women's bathrooms.  And it all went south.

So the day after the election Gov. Pat McCrory, Krapper Kop, found himself losing by a very small margin.  But he had a plan.  He would denigrate the vote to the point where he would call the legislature into special session to deal with 'flood damage' and then they would change the topic and declare him the winner.  All he needed was for the election to get closer.

But fate and decency prevailed, and as more votes were counted his losing margin became bigger.  Finally in one desperate attempt to steal an election, McCrory announced that Durham county votes were rigged and demanded a recount.  He got his recount.  The vote totals were unchanged.

So McCrory quit, conceded, walked away, slunk out of the capital with his pre-hensil tail between his legs.  Democracy won a rare victory, the candidate with the most votes was the winner.  But don't give up hope Putin lovers, McCrory just started the process of establishing a standard in which if Republicans win the election was fair; if Democrats win the election was fraudulent.  Donald Trump and his minions of oligarchy are waiting to carry the fight onward.

Hey Al Gore - Please Go Back to Whatever Obscure Hiding Place You Have Been

If You Cannot Help, Please Stop Harming

Al Gore probably thinks he should have been President, and while he did emerge post 2000 as an ardent environmentalist, for the most part he just took  his ball and went home.

Now Mr. Gore is doing irrepreable harm to his cause and the cause of environmentalists everywhere.  In what can only be described as a desperate attempt to be relevant, NY Times

       "President-elect Donald J. Trump, who has called climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, met on Monday with the climate-activist extraordinaire Al Gore, offering environmental activists a glimmer of hope that the Trump administration’s policies will moderate from his campaign pledges to scrap all efforts to stem the warming of the planet."

But here is reality

     "But even as the president-elect was sitting down with the former vice president, his transition team continued to court ardent opponents of climate control policies to fill key posts in the government. Many transition officials question or deny the established science of human-caused climate change and have worked aggressively to undo President Obama’s climate change policies."

So no Al, you are harming everyone by giving a hint of respectability to a person dedicated to destroying you, your credibility and your cause.  So go, please just go.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Wonder Why a Clueless Exxon CEO is Being Considered for Sec. State?

The Dismal Political Economist Explains All

To the surprise of many, particularly the groveling Mitt Romney the to be new Pres is considering the CEO of Exxon Mobil for the Secretary of State position.  Now this gentleman (what you were expecting a female?) meets the main criteria, that is, absolutely no diplotomatic or foreign policy experience.  But wait, there's more!

As Exxon’s chief executive, he has spoken against sanctions on Russia, where the company in 2012 signed a $3.2 billion deal that Mr. Putin said could eventually reach $500 billion in investments.
“We always encourage the people who are making those decisions to consider the very broad collateral damage of who are they really harming with sanctions,” Mr. Tillerson said at the company’s annual meeting in May 2014.

NC Republican Gov Pat McCrory Concedes He Lost - Complains of Unfair Rule That Allow Person with the Most Votes to Be the Winner

Expected to Take Chief Potty Patrol Position in Trump Administration

"Just the Man for the Nation's Bathrooms" Trump Tweets  (News That Didn't Happen)

News From Raleigh

"McCrory’s concession comes nearly a month after Election Day, following dozens of election complaints filed by Republicans with help from the governor’s campaign. The majority of them were dismissed by GOP-controlled county election boards."

Gosh, how disgusting is a candidate when even his own party won't cheat, lie and steal votes for him.  

Read more here:

Help Wanted - Senior Government Post - No Experience Necessary

Only Requirement - Kiss Donald Trumps A***

Apparently Plenty of Candidates Availabler

He's Not Stupid, He's My Brother

Carson:  God Called Me to Serve

God:  Did Not

The unconventional choice of the retired neurosurgeon underscores Donald Trump’s willingness to forgo traditional policy expertise in some Cabinet positions to surround himself with allies. Carson is the president-elect's first African American pick for a Cabinet-level post.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Chris Christie in Line to Be Doorman at Trump Tower

“Very Big Position” says Trump as He Announces This is Consideration Only

News That Didn’t Happen, But Will

Maro Largo Fl (API)  Dec. 3, 2106.  Donald Trump today announced that he is considering appointing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as Assistant to the Head Doorman at Trump Tower.  The so-called President Elect said Christie has the perfect temperament to be a NYC doorman, and although he cannot be considered for the top doorman position Trump feels that with enough experience in opening the door, calling a cab and groveling in general Christie could go far.

“I can see him at the White House serving tea” Trump tweeted.

Christie said he is honored to be considered for the “position, and said his only condition was not to serve in Jersey where, as he put it, “Sewer rats have a higher positive rating than I do, although to be fair most have lead better public service lives than I have.”  A spokesman for the Sewer Rats Coalition of New York and New Jersey declined comment other than to note that sewer rats are offended at being in the same category as Christie.

Mitt Romney is said to be disappointed, commenting to friends that he sucked up twice to Trump and thought he had the  inside track here.

The Pricess Bride Sicilian is Back

Is It Just Us

Or is this new cabinet member Wallace Shawn?


Trump to preside over the richest Cabinet in U.S. history

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump Goes Wacko on Defense Secretary

Interrupting a string of installing right wing hacks and wall street billionaires

The current Secretary of Defense is a highly educated, well respected thougtful policy maker.

The new one,

Mattis occasionally has come under scrutiny for impolitic remarks. Most notably, he said in 2005 during a panel discussion in San Diego that "it's fun to shoot some people"

Read more here:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Turn a Modest Victory into A Huge Loss for Democrats

How Can We Miss Her When She Won't Leave

In a strategic move to appeal to young white working men and women Democrats today re-elected a rich, wealthy out of touch Californian to lead their irrelevant minority in the House